$27 Bath House Day Fee

$32 After 11 PM Until 8 AM [Bath House Late Night Fee]

(If you enter with the $27 Bath House Day Fee before 11PM

and stay past 11 PM, an additional $5 will be charged)

Entrance Fee is for one entry per person and is not valid for reentry

Under 12 or Over 75 - $5 Off

The Entrance Fee covers access to our 13,000 Square Foot Facility.

Some features of our facility are:

Sauna Rooms

Steam Rooms

Restaurant [Currently Closed on Tuesdays]


Hot Tubs

Cold Tubs

Body Scrubs


Skin Conditioning

Beauty/Nail Salon

Free Wi-Fi

Future Expansion Plans:

Screen Golf

Barber Shop

Internet/Game Room

Additional information